About Me - Austin Wilde

Height : 5'9"

Weight : 170

Clothing Size : Medium

Shoe Size : 10

Zodiac : Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac : Dog

Favorite time of the year : Spring

Favorite Porn Actor : Brent Everett

Favorite TV Show : Family Guy

Favorite Sport : Basketball

Favorite Sports Team : St. Louis Cardinals

Favorite Holiday : Thanksgiving

Favorite Colour : Turquoise

Favorite Music : House

Favorite Hobby : Basketball, traveling

Favorite Actress : Angelina Jolie

Favorite Actor : Brad Pitt

Favorite Movie : Any of the Matrix movies

Turn On : Abs, Kissing on the ear/neck

Turn Off : Smoking, making that "slurping" noise when drinking something

What's up everybody? It's Austin Wilde and welcome to my official gay porn site! I've been in the gay porn industry since June of 2008, so you may already know (or watched) a lot about me. But for those who don't, here's a little more about me other than my 8" rock hard, thick cock...

I'd be lying if I said I haven't had the time of my life doing gay porn. While being in porn is a blast most of the time, it can also be hard work (pun intended). I've traveled the United States coast to coast, to Canada, South America and Europe &emdash; shooting gay porn, attending industry events and making appearances to meet all my fans! Meeting people (both in the gay porn industry and my fans) has been another huge perk of the job. Sex, traveling, hot people, beaches and friends....what more could a guy ask for?!

When I'm not traveling for work, oddly enough, I still love to travel for pleasure. With one of my best friends being obsessed with traveling too, it works out great. When I'm home (and not shooting gay porn) I love to workout. I'm usually in the gym 6-7 days a week working on my fitness! My other home activities include basketball, playing with my dog, PS3, masturbating (of course), movie nights with friends and sleeping.

Let's talk food. First of all, I love to eat (besides ass)! The key to keeping a good 6 or 8 pack abs is diet (and cardio)....and this is important to me. While I love eating a big sausage and pepperoni pizza every once in a while, my diet usually consists of chicken, tuna, pasta, eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, protein shakes and weight gainer shakes. Dedication is the hardest part of keeping a consistently healthy diet. And of course, I cheat every once in a while...but who doesn't?

OK guys - thanks for sticking around 'til the end. Hope you enjoyed reading a little about me. Now go have fun. Watch my videos and blow your big load. Enjoy!